Long Term Care of Your Dental Implants

You have gone through the procedure to have dental implants, your implants have integrated with the bone, your final crown is in place, and normal function has returned. You have reached the stage where it is easy to forget you even have dental implants. However, it is critical that you take proper care of your dental implants. Caring for dental implants is like caring for natural teeth, and the two are difficult to tell apart. When properly cared for, the patient can look forward to decades of healthy teeth and confident smiles; therefore, brushing, flossing, rinsing and a schedule of regular dentist visits are essential to maintain the implants’ appearance and reduce the chances of failure.

If you follow these three simple rules, your dental implants could last a lifetime.

  • Good Oral Hygiene.
    Many people end up with dental implants because they did not practice good oral hygiene in the first place. It is critically important to brush your teeth twice a day and floss regularly. Be vigilant! Always take the time to brush your teeth and floss.
  • Regular Appointment with Dr. Pawlus.
    To guarantee you’re taking proper care of your dental implants, visit Dr. Pawlus regularly. It is recommended you schedule check-up appointments every six months. Dr. Pawlus will make sure your implants and teeth are getting the care they need, and he can also alert you to any potential problems, plus Dr. Pawlus can perform any maintenance work that may be needed to correct any problems. Although these are typical check-up guidelines, every person is different and Dr. Pawlus may recommend a different check-up schedule for you in order to keep your dental implants in the best possible shape.
  • Early Infection Detection.
    If you think something is wrong with your dental implants, you may be right. If you suspect you have an infection, contact Dr. Pawlus immediately and schedule an appointment to come in for a check-up. The sooner an infection is detected, the easier it is to treat.

In order to achieve successful dental implants, you must be committed not only to daily performance of dental hygiene, but also to regular visits to see Dr. Pawlus. In general, you should schedule an appointment every six months for a professional exam and cleaning. Your dental implants should be examined with additionally testing on an annual basis. This schedule may vary depending on the individual.

It cannot be stressed enough that dental implants can develop problems without consistent care, and regular exams and cleanings are more important now than ever before. Along with seeing Dr. Pawlus for regular exams, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment annually for an implant care examination. At each examination, your implant(s) will be checked for signs of infection, proper chewing contact, and proper bone support. If any problems exist, Dr. Pawlus can respond with prompt treatment and often avoid permanent damage. If you ever have a question about the health of your implant, or “something just doesn’t feel right,” schedule an appointment with Dr. Pawlus immediately.